Were you just told you can’t eat gluten and you’re thinking, it sounds hard to do and you have no idea what to eat.  Or maybe you already live gluten free and could use more ideas on what to cook or what to eat for the times you don’t want to cook.

Often you hear that gluten is in everything.  But really it’s not.  Gather your tools and information.  Download the Gluten Free Starter Guide, grab my cookbook or try out the great meals that can be delivered right to your door.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy and excitement every day.  Set yourself up for success.

Download the Gluten Free Starter Guide here.

Gluten Free Meals Delivered

Gluten Free Meal DeliveryLiving an easy, healthy, gluten free life means exactly that. You’re eating healthy foods that are gluten free and that it fits your lifestyle.

Often that means too busy to cook! Traveling outside the home and need a meal? Taking your lunch to work or arriving home from a long day? Want a meal with ingredients you would choose if you were cooking? But you don’t have to always cook. That’s right. Instead of shopping, cooking and cleaning – I’m going to literally give you the foods to eat, in a click!

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I remember the day I received the news that my body does not tolerate gluten and I was given a list of foods to cut out of my diet – permanently. I was completely overwhelmed by the task at hand: reconfiguring my entire diet. I spent 40 years of my life eating tons of carbs – bread, bagels, crackers, pasta – and I had no idea how to substitute all of my go-to foods. But with how sick I’d been, I knew that continuing to have gluten in my diet was not an option.

My husband, good friends with Diane’s husband, told me to call Diane immediately. She had been through this and had figured it out. Our first phone conversation was amazingly helpful. Diane talked me off the ledge and walked me through the tons of foods I could still eat. She initially helped me reconfigure my diet. Then came the task of fitting my new eating habits into my family.

I scheduled an “appointment” to see Diane’s kitchen in action. I checked out her pantry, got great product and shopping tips and she taught me how to make a delicious “green” smoothie. She showed me all of her resources including magazines, cookbooks, how-to live gluten-free books and wonderful blog sites that offer information and encouragement. I quickly began to feel empowered to succeed!

I call on Diane anytime I feel discouraged, have questions, or just need some more helpful tips. She has been a huge encouragement to me during this journey to maintain my health. Her knowledge on the subject coupled with her positive attitude makes her the perfect coach for me. I believe a large part of my success in changing my eating habits is thanks to Diane – what a blessing!

~ Karen