Nora- America’s First Certified Organic Restaurant


No recipes from me tonight.  I treated my husband to a night out at a wonderful restaurant in D.C. I choose Nora first because it gets rave reviews and second I like the fact that they buy from certified organic farmers and producers who do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or GMO’s.  

The meal was wonderful and their triple filtered water terrific.  They were able to accommodate making me a gluten free, casein free and rice free meal that was delicious.  I started with an arugula salad and went on to have the river sturgeon with a mix of fresh vegetables. Scott started with a Maine Johan Crab Salad that contained a ton of crab and then had the duck confit and potato gnocchi.  A special treat for me was getting to have dessert.  I had a trio of sorbets: sweet potato with a smoked vanilla, pineapple which was very tart and then a chocolate and chili that was my favorite.  You first had this wonderful chocolate taste to enjoy and then just as you were savoring that you were treated to an explosion of hot chili pepper.  It was not overwhelming just amazing.

We really enjoyed our meal there and would recommend you check out Nora in NW Washington, DC.

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