My First Organic Farm Share – CSA

I finally registered for my first farm share, CSA, before they were all sold out!  I’m very excited.  There are many great farms out there that sell shares and the one closest to me is Potomac Vegetable Farm in Vienna Virginia.   I purchased a regular share this year.  They have the option of a mini share and a robust share too.  With having my vegetarian son home this summer I thought the mini might not be enough and the robust just seemed overwhelming on my first time out.  I’ve always been scared to do this because in the past I really didn’t eat many different vegetables.  The thought of trying new ones made me shiver.  But now I love so many vegetables and I look forward to cooking up some new ones this summer and fall.
It’s amazing once you stop eating processed foods how wonderful everything else tastes. farmers-market-peppers

What about you?  Do you like vegetables?  Maybe not but you think you’ll try and eat more so a CSA sounds like a good idea.  Well here are the guidelines for people who should NOT join a CSA:

* Anyone who is away on vacation many weeks (it’s your responsibility to have someone pickup your share if you are gone).
* Anyone who thinks this is a good way to save lots of money. It isn’t. We offer good value at a fair price.
* People who don’t really like to cook or who don’t eat at home often.
* People who don’t like vegetables or who don’t like trying new foods.

After reading this if you still feel like giving it a try you better get on the stick.  These sell out fast at farms all over the country. Find one near you.  Now this summer I have only one week of vacation so I need to find a friend who will take my share of vegetables, eggs and flowers I’ve ordered.  I’m guessing one of them will contact me after reading this.  Better make it fast!

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