Go Raw Cookies –Product Review


These 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free cookies have some good flavors and some not as good flavors.  These opinions are according to the taste testers in my home, my college guy and me. These little round wafer like “cookies” make a great snack and I plan on taking some with me on my next plane trip.

They are all Live, all seeds sprouted, no GMO’s, no trans Fats, no cholesterol, all handmade, all raw kitchen, and all family owned.  We both liked the original flavor and the chocolate.  The Ginger snaps are ok but the “simple” flax seed was not good and the jury is still out on the pizza flavored ones.

I found mine at my local Whole Foods but if you can’t find them near you their Go Raw website says they ship.  It’s nice to have quick gluten free snacks to travel with but the fact that they are organic and raw, well that just made my day!

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