Why Coconut Oil

I was introduced to Virgin Coconut Oil by my doctor, Hai Jin Kim.  This was one of the first things she shared with me and explained it had many benefits but I couldn’t remember. Research!  Turns out that coconut oil used to be a staple in baking but in the 80’s it got a bad rap along with all of the other saturated fats.  Clearly coconut oil is different and there is a ton of research to back that up.  Check out www.coconutoil.com for a large collection of medical research on the many health benefits.  Or if you want the short answer here is a list of benefits found within the research:

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Stimulate thyroid function
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Weight loss
  • Improves the immune system’s anti-inflammatory response
  • Helps prevent heart disease and senility
  • Anti-cancer effects
  • Anti-viral effects
  • Kills yeast which is helpful to those with Candida
  • Normalization of body lipids
  • Protects against alcohol damage to the liver

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid (also found in breast milk), the major fatty acid from the fat of the coconut that has been recognized for its unique properties of antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotoxoal functions.  If you have any food allergies, had your immune system or adrenal system stressed to the breaking point then this sounds like something you should check out.

How do you use Virgin Coconut Oil?  It is a solid at 76 degrees °F so you will find it in a jar on the shelf with other oils.   If you want to use it as a salad dressing, melt it, let it cool, and use it with a 3 to 1 ratio with your extra virgin olive oil.  You can add some to your morning smoothies or put it in the pan when you cook.  I particularly like it when cooking vegetables, fish or poultry.  For more recipes check out the Tropical Traditions blog.  Keep in mind these are not geared to allergy-free so you will need to make adjustments for gluten-free or dairy-free.  Once on this blog look to your left and there is another list of recipes for beverages, entrees, soups, salads, baked foods, condiments & dressings and desserts all using coconut oil.

What do you think?  Are you going to give it a try?  Share your experience.  As for me, I love it.  While using it I’m losing weight, getting healthy, thinking clearer, and have fewer colds.  Yeah, I like it.