Green Living Consulting

Something great to look forward to in 2009 is the continued focus on living green.  Green Living Consulting is a company out of Washington, DC that works with both businesses and households providing eco-solutions to create a healthier and greener environment while reducing your impact on the world and your wallet.

Here is how they describe their process:

Green Living Consulting (GLC) believes in a holistic approach to helping your business or household achieve realistic and cost effective green goals. The GLC process of “getting green” will help you seamlessly adopt sustainable practices and technologies while creating a culture of green in your daily life — at work or at home.

Working closely with you, GLC will develop a green plan that:

* incorporates your goals and objectives
* maps realistic actions within your budget and timeframe
* guides implementation
* tracks, measures, and reports results

In evaluating your day-to-day operations, GLC can provide ongoing, personalized direction toward a more sustainable work or home environment. GLC is your personal eco-guide for “getting green.”

So if you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to live “greener” well this is a good resource.  Check out their website and look for events and workshops that can help you keep that promise you made to yourself and our planet.  Check out their blog and for great ideas delivered to your inbox sign up for their newsletter.  From their latest newsletter I’m interested in their eco-assessment for my home.  The more I know the more choices I have.  Let me know what you think is the most helpful to you and if you use their services for your home or business.

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