Quick Fix Chicken and Broccoli

Today we had lots of choices around here for things to do.  Watch playoff football and head downtown to the Lincoln Memorial Concert and activities just to name two.  Well we split up and my husband took our 15 year old to DC and said it was unbelievable how many people were there.  I stayed home and watched my Philadelphia Eagles lose.  With a second game to watch I didn’t want to be in the kitchen.  So here is the easiest chicken meal I’ve made that serves 2 people.  Keep adding if you have more mouths to feed.  I used my Le Creuset 2 ¼ quart enameled sauce pan for the chicken and a glass bowl for the broccoli.  If you are looking for the kitchen tools and foods that I talk about and use please check out our store.



2 organic bone in skin on chicken (for less fat and taste use skinless and boneless or just don’t eat the skin)
1 TB Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
1 tsp Organic Canola oil
2 stalks organic broccoli
1 tsp oregano
Course Celtic Sea Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat pan over medium high.  If using the enamel Le Creuset pan add the oil when you turn on the heat.  Once hot add chicken skin down and I like to put the lid on.   I really didn’t want to mess with it. You can use a splatter screen and hang around if you like.  I also used an electronic thermometer so it would signal when the chicken reached the proper cooking temperature so there would be no guessing or slicing open the cooking chicken to check if it was done.

Let the chicken cook 10-12 minutes and turn over.  Sprinkle some oregano, salt and pepper on top.  Put lid back on and let finish cooking.

As that was cooking I cleaned the broccoli, peeled the skin off the stalk and cut it up into the bowl.  Next add a little water, sprinkle with oregano and cover with wax paper.  You should avoid using plastic of any kind in the microwave.  Follow your microwave for cooking fresh vegetables.

When the thermometer reaches the proper temperature for chicken you’re ready to serve.  Put the chicken and broccoli on your plate and dig in.  I was able to watch the football game and cook dinner at the same time.  Now it’s time to start planning that gluten free, casein free, sugar free Super Bowl Party Menu.

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