Turkey with Dairy Free Smashed Potatoes & Gravy


Another busy day and one where I knew I would be away from home.  You know what that means, Crockpot!  I love turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I think I however alone in the love at my house.  But since I’m the cook that’s what was for dinner.

The turkey (organic of course) was so moist it fell apart as I was taking it from the crockpot.  I cooked it with the usual suspects, onion, carrots, bay leaf, salt and pepper with 1-2 cups water.  I also topped it with a tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil.  I forgot to take it out of the freezer but that doesn’t matter with the crockpot.  I cooked it on low for 6-8 hours and it was great.

Smashed potatoes are one of my favorite.  They can be very much like mashed potatoes but you don’t peel the potatoes.  I took a small bag of tiny organic red potatoes and tossed them into a pot with filtered water.  Bring to a boil and cook until done.  Usually around 15-20 minutes.  When I drained the potatoes I saved the water.  I wanted to keep these potatoes vegetarian and low fat so I tried something new.  Put the drained potatoes back into the pot and on the burner that is now off.  Grab your old fashion potato masher and get busy.  This is where you can add milk and butter or chicken or turkey stock for a low fat non-dairy alternative.  I didn’t want to mess with that so I just added back in some of the water the potatoes just cooked in.  It worked great.  Add salt and pepper to taste and you’re good to go.

When I took the turkey out of the crockpot I strained the once water now turkey stock and put it in a small sauce pan.  Heat that on medium so it crockpot condenses down even more.  Make slurry out of cold water (always cold with corn starch) and corn starch.  I use about ½ cup water to 1-2 tsp corn starch.  Mix that well so there are no lumps.  Add it to the boiling stock and keep whisking.  It will thicken up very fast.  Turn the heat down and keep an eye on the gravy.  It can get really thick really fast.  If this happens add in some of that potato water you held out.  Add salt and pepper to taste, a little parsley and you can now top off that turkey and dairy free smashed potatoes with great dairy free gravy.

I wanted peas too so I took the fast way and put them in a small dish, added that potato water and micro waved them.

Thanks to my crockpot, another dinner that didn’t take long but tasted like I was cooking all day long.

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