Shallot Green Beans

Shallot Grean Beans  ©Diane Eblin

Shallot Grean Beans ©Diane Eblin

This is a wonderful and quick side dish that can accompany just about any type of protein.  I’ve served this with salmon most recently. Get your green beans in the produce section or better yet, from your local farmer.  Until the warm weather hits the east coast I’ll be hitting the fresh produce section at my favorite local grocer.  If you can find organic, that’s even better.


2 large shallots sliced
2 large handfuls of fresh green beans, washed and stems cut off
Virgin coconut oil
Sprinkle of Sunny Paris Seasoning


Heat the pan on medium high and sauté the shallots.  Once translucent add the green beans and sauté until slightly brown.  Sprinkle with a touch of seasoning, toss and serve.
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