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California Cobb Salad Burger!

Yep, a burger!   Why not?  I love everything that goes into the salad, why not turn it into a burger.  For some folks, especially the ones at my house, burgers are more fun to eat than a salad.  So take all of the ingredients and turn it into a burger.  Wrap the burger in a […]

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Turkey-roni Saved From Disaster

Here’s a piece of advice I need to follow in the future.  Don’t watch The Tudors while cooking or things will likely burn on top of the stove.   Well I was not paying attention to my skillet and my turkey-roni started to burn.  Still not paying attention, I added the liquid which then revealed liquid.  […]

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Chipotle Burgers Topped with Tomatillo Salsa

I love the smoky flavor of chipotle and cumin.  It can really change a boring corn soup into something exciting.  Well it can do the same for ground turkey.   In my effort to eat less beef, I’ll be making burgers this month with ground chicken and turkey with a little sausage added in once in […]

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Extremely Easy Turkey Breast with Broccoli and Garnet Yams

Some days you just need easy.  Well this meal is very easy.   The yam and the broccoli I cooked in the microwave and seasoned with chipotle when served. The turkey breast is just adorable.  You can see the size compared to the yam.   I find these at my local Whole Foods.  If you can’t find […]

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Turkey Fajitas and Beans with Homemade Tortillas

Today I spent the day watching the festivities just down the road from Washington, D.C. What a grand day for our country to watch the peaceful transfer of power and to its first African American President.  There is a strong feeling of hope in our country again.  I can’t wait to see what is born […]

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Indian Spiced Turkey Legs with Lentils

I can thank my oldest son Andy for introducing me to Indian food.  He’s a vegetarian and has found the greatest number of vegetarian dishes he enjoys are Indian and he asked me to cook them for him.  He’s off at college now but I’m continuing on in learning to use different blends of spices […]

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Turkey with Dairy Free Smashed Potatoes & Gravy

Another busy day and one where I knew I would be away from home.  You know what that means, Crockpot!  I love turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.  I think I however alone in the love at my house.  But since I’m the cook that’s what was for dinner. The turkey (organic of course) was […]

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Meatloaf in Minutes

This is the easiest meatloaf I ever made and the juiciest. Ingredients: 2 pounds of ground meat- you can use a combination of beef, veal, pork or turkey and veal or just a single type.  If you use only turkey make sure it’s a mix of white and dark meats so there is enough fat […]

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Mexican Soup

Ingredients: 1 large diced onion ½ red pepper diced 1 pablano pepper diced ½-1 cup corn 1 can organic pinto beans 1 7oz can fire roasted diced tomatoes 1 TB Cumin 1 tsp Expote 1 TB Cilantro 1 tsp Aleppo chili powder 2 TB Ancho chili powder 1-2 whole casabella peppers Penzey’s 1 clove Garlic […]

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Mexican Casserole

3 corn tortillas 1 can refried beans (pinto or black)  or 2 cups homemade 7 oz green salsa 6 oz cooked turkey (sub peppers if vegetarian, can always use pork, beef or chorizo) ½ tsp Expote ½ tsp Chipotle Powder (use less if you don’t like spicy hot foods) ½ tsp Aleppo chili powder (can […]

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